Less time in the kitchen, more time with guests

Intuitive and innovative 
Not only is the Miele Dialog oven setting standards through its unique functions, but its intuitive operation is also winning over users – with the option of simply controlling the appliance using a smartphone. With MobileControl, you can send recipe settings directly to the Miele Dialog oven and keep an eye on the cooking process at all times. 
Sophisticated M Chef menus 
Now you can effortlessly conjure up elaborate menus consisting of multiple components. Thanks to M Chef menu, you can focus all your attention on your guests, safe in the knowledge that your food will be a hit. At all times, the Miele Dialog oven monitors the preparation so that all food items are cooked to perfection at the same time. You can look forward to sophisticated dishes such as salmon on a bed of chard and freshly baked brioche – all prepared at the same time.
Simplicity is perfection 
Give free rein to your culinary enthusiasm – with no fear of struggling to cook those difficult dishes. With the Miele Dialog oven, even the task of making a fluffy soufflé is transformed into a truly delightful experience. Enjoy the freedom of preparing exactly those delicacies that you could only bow to in awe before now. Should you wish, the Dialog oven will guide you through everything, delivering the perfect result – and in the case of soufflés, you won’t even need a bain-marie. 
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