The art of cooking – brought to perfection

Appliance turns passion for cooking into true love 
Now you can effortlessly cook what others can only dream of: thanks to an intelligent and precise release of energy, the Miele Dialog oven can cook food with different cooking durations to an unprecedented level of perfection – and all at the same time. It offers a totally new range of ways to let your culinary fantasies run wild. 
Savour the hearty, fragrant aroma and the delicate flavour of a fish fillet, prepared using first-class techniques – and cooked to precision in an ice block that doesn’t melt. Or bake bread or rolls without a crust.
The Miele Dialog oven allows you to experience the benefits of preparing food to a level of quality found in top-star rated culinary establishments right in your own kitchen, and enjoy the art of cooking at its very best. 
The art of cooking – brought to perfection 
Since the company was founded, Miele has stood for exciting innovations that redefine excellence. The Dialog oven is another mark of our desire to pursue this uncompromising standard. We are not just creating a new product – we are also establishing an altogether new category that signifies no less than a revolution in your kitchen. 
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