Nothing but perfection

Quality is the best recipe 
When outstanding produce is handled with the very highest standards of preparation, the result is a level of enjoyment that is unsurpassable. This is the hallmark of the noble art that is cuisine. With the Miele Dialog oven, you can enjoy a standard of quality found in top-star rated culinary establishments right in your own home – and do so every single day. While conventional heat only penetrates the food slowly from the outside in, the Miele Dialog oven ensures even cooking of the entire dish from the outset. This makes every piece of meat taste succulent throughout, and creates impressive fish and seafood dishes with an even finer texture. And when it comes to baking, you’ll find that even more culinary delights await. Whatever you wish to make, be it a rustic farmhouse loaf or a sophisticated cake composition – the Miele Dialog oven not only ensures a larger increase in volume and improves the structure of the dough, but also creates a crust and level of browning that is entirely to your taste.
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