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    Miele Kitchen Experience.

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  • Bagless

    Miele Blizzard CX1. The bagless vacuum cleaner.

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    Trust the G6000 EcoFlex dishwashers
    with QuickPowerWash.

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    Perfect systematic laundry care.
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 events, cooking, baking, chefs, cooking classes, baking classes

Whether you prefer to have a demonstration or do the cooking yourself, the Miele try before you buy events offer both to you. Miele will provide the perfect experience to help you select your new Miele cooking appliances.

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Miele Experience Center

Miele Showroom - Coffee area

Inspiring, innovative and relaxed, the Miele Experience Center is a unique showroom designed to help you choose your perfect home appliances. You can view the entire range of Miele appliances here.

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