M Chef technology – a real game-changer

M Chef Technology – a real game-changer 
Superlatives are impossible to describe – they have to be experienced. The groundbreaking M Chef technology used in the Miele Dialog oven opens doors to a previously undiscovered dimension of food preparation. With the aid of sensors, the appliance continuously communicates with the food. This means that the Dialog oven can simultaneously cook a range of foods – such as meat, fish, or bread – to sheer perfection. Furthermore, the revolutionary M Chef technology now makes dishes such as a veal fillet in a beeswax coating possible for the first time. The entire cut of meat is cooked at the same time, rather than from the outside in as with other conventional cooking methods. This gentle cooking method prevents the beeswax coat from melting and the veal fillet becomes tender and juicy.
Figures as examples for showing the product benefit