Dishwashing technology

Miele is the only manufacturer of commercial dishwashers with two distinctly different approaches to dishwashing in its product portfolio. Commercial dishwashers operate either on the fresh water principle or the tank principle, the latter as frontloading or hooded passthrough machines.

Commercial dishwashers operating on the fresh water principle produce sparkling results in applications where top-class cleaning and hygiene is of the essence. By replacing water in each stage of a programme, the Miele fresh water system guarantees consistently high cleaning quality over the course of a machine's life.

Characterised by high throughput and short programme cycles, these machines represent the most efficient solution in a wide range of commercial kitchens. Glass washers and dishwashers are ideal for hotels and restaurants, clubhouses and schools. Wherever extremely high-level hygiene is needed in hospitals, nursing homes and child-care centres, commercial dishwashers are the products of choice in cleaning glassware, cutlery and crockery.

Maximum hygiene is, above all, high on the agenda in YOPI operations, i.e. those dealing with young, old, pregnant or immunosuppressed persons. In this setting, Miele HYGIENE models offering high main wash temperatures represent a valuable contribution towards systematic infection control.

Miele has not only fresh water dishwashers in its lineup, but also tank dishwashers. Tank dishwashers from Miele inspire not just by virtue of the first-class results they produce. With their short cycles, their sparing use of resources and their gentle wash action, these new products are set to become the top-performing newcomers in hotels, restaurants and canteens.

Tank dishwashers come into their own wherever large mountains of crockery need to be washed in a short space of time.

From slimline glass washer and standard 60 cm dishwasher to tray washers with a deeper chamber for bulky loads such as crates and containers:
The new commercial tank dishwashers offer right-sized capacities for a wide range of applications, tailored programmes for all types of loads and soils, and baskets to ensure thorough cleaning.

As a further complementary product line to match its commercial dishwashers, Miele Professional also offers ProCare Shine process chemicals. Carefully formulated detergents and rinse aid and a fast response on the part of Miele Service round off a unique system: System4Shine from Miele.

Additionally, Miele also has hooded passthrough dishwashers in its portfolio. These are a clear response to the calls for efficient dishwashing in restaurants, hotels and smaller establishments. Miele's PG 8172 Eco with heat recovery is first choice when it comes to meeting calls for an economic and energy-efficient dishwasher. Perfect cleaning performance, a brisk pace and stamina are the attributes attached to a dishwasher which can be seen as a professional chef's best friend.

Miele's blanket service coverage ensures the fastest of response times.

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Laundry technology

Whether spa towelling, hotel duvets, delicate outerwear or large mountains of residents' laundry – the most powerful washing machines from Miele offering load capacities ranging from 5.5 to 32 kg guarantee excellent wash results with their standard and special programmes. Miele washing machines are characterised by short cycles, superior user convenience, outstanding spin performance and the efficient use of resources. These attributes give Miele washing machines their rightful place in any on-premise laundry in hotels and restaurants right through to large full-service laundries in nursing homes and large contract laundries requiring smaller machines for batch processing. Washing machines are also used by contract cleaners, hotels, child-care centres and creches, restaurants, riding stables, launderettes and by fire brigades. In contract cleaning and, for example, on camp-sites, all Miele washing machines can be purchased, leased or rented. The Benchmark washing machine generation launched in 2017 is available in two product lines: Performance and Performance Plus, and covers the load capacity range from 10 to 20 kg. For smaller loads, Miele Professional offers its Little Giants with a load capacity of 5.5 kg and its Octoplus machines for loads of 8 and 10 kg. Two-door industrial barrier machines for installation in a diaphragm wall are available to on-premise laundries in nursing and care homes. The freely programmable controls are specifically designed and tested for the reprocessing of duvets, natural-fibre bedspreads, fire-fighters' protective apparel, mops and horse blanks, for instance. Miele washing machines are complemented by same-capacity commercial tumble dryers. The characterising features of commercial dryers are the patented PerfectDry system, their user interface, programmable control, a range of heating methods and short programme cycles. The Miele product portfolio also includes commercial flatwork ironers. Particularly in the field of care and nursing homes and hotels, Miele's portfolio goes far beyond the industry standard by offering services covering capacity calculations, planning, project management, site supervision, installation, maintenance and repairs. One particular Miele benefit is its extensive service network which makes for a fast response when service is needed.

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Dental technology

With System4Dent, Miele Professional offers an innovative complete system for the safe and efficient reprocessing of instruments in dental practices. Developed on the basis of many years of experience and on close cooperation with experts, System4Dent caters for all four stages of the reprocessing cycle: Washing and disinfection of instruments in a thermal disinfector, the use of tailored process chemicals for the thorough but gentle reprocessing of dental instruments, gap-free process documentation and a holistic bouquet of services (pre-sales advice, financing, repairs and validation).
System4Dent, a new approach to professional instrument reprocessing, meets the highest of demands by addressing all aspects of the instrument reprocessing cycle. This systematic approach ensures perfect results whilst reducing the strain on materials and ensuring economic reprocessing in modern-day CSSDs. This is particularly evident in the Vario TD programme which is intended for use for the safe and routine reprocessing of all heat-resistant instruments in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 15883 standard. This approach is particularly gentle on materials and is especially recommended for the reprocessing of transmission instruments (hand-pieces and contra-angles).

Miele thermal disinfectors in dental practices represent a milestone in the efficient and safe machine-based reprocessing of dental instruments.

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Laboratory technology

Lab washers from Miele represent a commercial-grade solution for laboratory glassware for analytical experiments. One particular feature is the lab washer's high throughput. A new, modular basket concept on lab washers offers maximum flexibility and intuitive operation as modules can be used in different combinations and can be reconfigured. The benefits are time savings, more space and lower costs. Miele's product portfolio serves hugely different applications such as those in the petro-chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

In the interests of the safety and retaining the value of laboratory glassware, Miele offers a wide range of accessories, consisting of upper and lower baskets, load carriers and inserts for a variety of glassware types.

Process chemicals from Miele ideally complement lab washers. These are geared meticulously to the requirements of individual programme phases, and the specially formulated detergents and neutralising agents guarantee thorough, fast and gentle process cycles. These are ideally suited to a variety of applications and the residue-free removal of soils in lab washers.

Miele's blanket service coverage ensures the fastest of response times.

Particularly in larger industrial or university laboratories, Miele's portfolio goes far beyond the industry standard by offering services covering capacity calculations, planning, project management, site supervision, installation, maintenance and repairs. One particular Miele benefit is its extensive service network which makes for a fast response when service is needed.

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Medical technology

Washer-disinfectors from Miele have a proven ability to stand up to the stresses and strains of everyday hospital life. Miele has a broad selection of undercounter washer-disinfectors for medical specialists, gynaecologists and ENT practitioners. These are joined by large-chamber decontamination units, sterilisers and container and trolley washers for hospitals, together with requisite accessories. Systematic solutions offer additional benefits in terms of sustainability. For instance, washer-disinfectors can be linked up with trolley washers to achieve energy savings in combination with the CombiEco process.

Miele washer-disinfectors guarantee the safe and reproducible washing and disinfection of surgical instruments. Washer-disinfectors are thorough, fast and gentle on materials. What's more, they also require little maintenance and are highly durable, safeguarding your investments in many respects. Miele's blanket service coverage ensures the fastest of response times and hence high-level machine uptime.

Miele offers a broad range of accessories including upper and lower baskets, load carriers and inserts for a broad assortment of instruments. Various disciplines such as ophthalmology, vetinerary medicine and surgery are serviced. Medical instruments are safely reprocessed, carefully retaining their value.

A further system cornerstone is the documentation of cleaning processes. Miele offers a flexible and holistic approach to the documentation of instrument reprocessing. The system comprises Segosoft Miele Edition documentation software and the new DataDiary approach which for the first time allows process documentation via WiFi. Miele offers tailored communication modules and accessories. The documentation and recording of reprocessing, including all relevant parameters, represents a clear quality benefit.

And, what's more, the software is easy to get hold of. We support the purchase of washer-disinfectors through attractive leasing plans, geared to individual specialist departments.

Miele has been setting standards in the field of efficient and safe machine-based reprocessing in clinics and surgeries for more than 5 decades. Particularly in central sterile supply departments, Miele's portfolio goes far beyond the industry standard by offering services covering capacity calculations, planning, project management, site supervision, installation, maintenance and repairs.

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