Steam Oven

The Miele Steam Oven lets you prepare fresh food gently, retaining intense natural flavours for a healthier outcome.

Scientific research endorses the benefits of steam cooking over traditional cooking methods with steam-cooked vegetables containing 50%* more vitamins than those that are boiled.

In short, steam cooking greatly adds to a vitamin-rich and healthy diet by ensuring the best possible food quality.

In addition, you can disinfect items like baby bottles or jars in a Miele Steam Oven.

*Compared to conventional boiling in water, broccoli contains 25 % more vitamin C when cooked in the steam oven. Steam-cooked peppers contain just as many nutrients as raw peppers. By comparison, boiled peppers have approx. 45 % fewer nutrients than raw peppers.
Miele Hygienelösungen Dampfgarer

Eliminate Bacteria with Steam

Quick and easy disinfection of items like dishes, cutlery, bottles and pacifiers at 100 °C.