Countertop coffee machines

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Easy cleaning in the dishwasher

Thorough cleaning and long lasting care: many components are dishwasher-proof.

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Things worth knowing about Miele countertop coffee machines

A variety of sizes and operating concepts

Which design line do you prefer?

Do you enjoy the aroma of freshly ground beans? Do you enjoy choosing your favourite varieties from all the coffee and tea varieties in the world? If you do, then Miele's freestanding coffee machines CM5, CM6 and CM7 are perfect for you.

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The automatic descaling function

Sit back and relax with AutoDescale*

The cleaning and care of a coffee machine has never been so easy and effortless. No more elaborate appliance maintenance - the CM7 takes care of it automatically, even descaling.

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The grinding and brewing system

An innovative grinder for perfect enjoyment

New AromaticSystemFresh* grinding and brewing system: aroma-preserving and quiet. With our innovative conical grinder, you can enjoy coffee afresh.

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Accessories and cleaning products

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