There probably is no other place where the family gathers as often as at the dinner table. A happy or festive gathering of friends and acquaintances almost always culminates in a delicious meal. Where people enjoy company cooking takes on central importance. Whether delicious roasts, sweet or savoury spreads or low-calorie and delightful steam oven dishes - with recipes from the Miele cookbooks and how-to-manuals that have been specifically adapted to the functions of the Miele appliances, the most sensuous hobby in the world becomes pure pleasure!

Oven Cookbook

This book has over 140 recipes which not only encompass the entire spectrum of oven functions, they are also unusual and interesting, allowing you to introduce variety to your daily meals.

Whether you are creating light appetisers or a full roast dinner, a pasta bake for the family meal or an exotic dish for a dinner party, these recipes will turn cooking into a real pleasure.

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Steam Oven Cookbook

Acquiring a Miele steam oven marks the beginning of a wonderful friendship promising pleasure, good health and endless delicious culinary adventures.

Mealtimes are when families are most often together, and food is nearly always the focus when friends gather, be it for a casual evening or a more formal celebration. In the Miele Test Kitchen, we are in the privileged position of
being able to practise professionally the hobby we share with many thousands of people across the world.

All recipes are perfectly adjusted to the Miele steam oven

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Sous Chef

This book draws together our experience, excitement and passion for experimenting in the imaginative yet easy-to-prepare recipes we have created for you to try. We wish you “bon appetit” and above all hours of successful cooking with your Miele appliances.

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