App Features Kitchen*

FoodView: everything at a glance

Now you can keep an eye on the food in your oven no matter where you are: a camera integrated into the ceiling of the oven compartment will show you what your food looks like via your smartphone or tablet. If you need to, you can also adjust the function settings on your networked oven remotely via your mobile device. This gives you more control and, hence, more freedom – plus unrivalled convenience.

CookAssist: perfect frying results simply via app

The secret to perfect cooking results: Miele CookAssist not only helps you to cook the perfect steak, it is also available for a wide range of other dishes. Thanks to the step-by-step instructions in the Miele app, temperatures and cooking durations are automatically transferred to the TempControl hob. All you need to do is confirm the settings.

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BaristaAssistant: setting to enjoy a perfect espresso

A perfect espresso needs a good bean and optimum machine settings. This fine tuning is where the BaristaAssistant comes in. This guides the coffee connoisseur step by step to his personal favourite flavour by trying out four up to eight samples. This process is unique as it goes far beyond simply modifying individual parameters using an app. Instead, it represents an entire process of elimination to optimise taste aimed at producing the perfect, personalised espresso.

AutoStart: programmed starting via app

With the AutoStart function, your dishwasher can be programmed via the app to always begin washing automatically at preset times. Thanks to AutoDos and PowerDisk there is always sufficient detergent available so that the appliance can get to work autonomously. There is no longer any need to start the appliance manually or via the app. And having unclean dishes after forgetting to put the dishwasher on will become a thing of the past.

Recipe inspiration: always the right recipe

Which recipe will bring memories of your holiday into your home? When it comes to new ideas and tips for cooking and baking, the recipe function in the Miele app is just what you need: it will help you find the right recipe for a special occasion quickly or inspire you to turn an average day into a special day. You can add new recipes to your usual menu spontaneously and try out new ways of cooking.

Food Service: something missing? Food Service delivers.

Why not cook something you really feel like eating - without having to go out to buy it. If you are inspired by a recipe from the Miele app, you can have the right ingredients to hand in no time: a link within the app enables you to order food directly online using the Food Service, and it will be conveniently delivered to your home. Convenience just a few clicks away - saves time and doesn't require a shopping bag.

Mix & Match: intelligent assistence

Healthy food in no time: with Mix & Match you can combine different foods and cook or reheat them in less than half an hour. Simply place all the food inside the appliance at once and take it out at the end of the selected programme. In this way, you can conveniently cook a full plate of food without having to worry about different cooking durations and temperatures for each of the individual components. The Miele app helps you to choose recipes and prepare them.

*Available for a mobile device (for the minimum requirements, see the information from the App Store).