Convenient versions

For compact niches – 60 cm wide, 45 cm high
Ideal for building the appliance into a 45 cm high and 60 cm wide niche together with a 14 cm high gourmet drawer or vacuum sealing drawer in a 60 cm x 60 cm niche. The 47 l oven capacity of the DGC Pro gives you room to prepare a variety of dishes on three shelf levels.
Our classic appliance – 60 cm wide, 60 cm high
Ideal for installation in a classic 60 x 60 cm oven niche. It can be combined with a 29 cm high drawer to perfectly fill an 88 cm high niche. With four shelf levels distributed throughout the 67 l oven capacity, the DGC Pro offers endless possibilities. The DGC has a 76 l oven capacity and five shelf levels.
Figures as examples for showing the product benefit