Tumble dryer fragrance

Experience a harmonious balance of fragrances

Sensuous finish for your laundry
FragranceDos envelops your laundry in your favourite fragrance while it is drying. When you remove your laundry from the tumble dryer, not only is it very fluffy, but also pleasantly scented.
Just select your favourites from our large choice of different fragrances. Adjust the intensity of the fragrance simply by turning the fragrance flacon. This gives you freedom of choice, even if you switch between programmes. Enjoy the sensuous experience of fragrant laundry – just the way you like it.
It is quick to change to another fragrance because 2 scents can be inserted into the easily accessible filter of the tumble dryer. This allows you to quickly switch between 2 favourite fragrances – and cater for different (fragrance) preferences within the household.
New: DryFresh® fragrance flacon
Not every item of clothing that has only been worn for a short amount of time has to go straight into the laundry basket. With DryFresh®, you can easily freshen up your clothes. Unpleasant odours are neutralised in no time at all.
Patent: EP 2 431 516 Figures as examples for showing the product benefit