What should your vacuum cleaner be able to do?

Superb on wooden floors: The Parquet
Thanks to its gentle parquet brush, the Parquet& Co. is ideally suitable for carefully cleaning sensitive hard floors.
99.999 % clean air*: Allergy
The Miele Allergy vacuum cleaner not only removes pollen, dust mites and other allergens reliably from all floors. Its HEPA 13 filter* even cleans the room air: more than 99.999 % of all particles* are filtered from the surrounding air during vacuuming, including fine dust. People with allergies can at last breathe easily again!
The model for all animal lovers: Cat & Dog
With its turbobrush, the Cat & Dog reliably removes hair and lint from carpets and rugs. And the Active AirClean filter in the Complete C3 effectively neutralises unpleasant odours so that they never have a chance to spread.
Customised solutions for special requirements
Different homes and lifestyles require individual solutions. Miele aims to meet your personal needs for room hygiene as perfectly as possible. Which is why Miele offers a variety of vacuum cleaners with special features.With the optional original Miele accessories you can adapt your Miele vacuum cleaner to changing needs even after purchase; for instance, when you get a pet, you change your flooring or if you develop an allergy to house dust.
Quiet as a whisper: Silence
At only 64 dB, the Complete C3 Silence is the quietest vacuum cleaner in the Miele range. This value is achieved with the help of special sound insulation for the fan as well as the noise-reducing Silence AirClean filter.
Floor care made easy: Comfort
This Miele vacuum cleaner is so easy to use: all important functions are easily controlled by a wireless remote control on the handle. And thanks to DynamicDrive castor wheels, the Miele Comfort can be manoeuvred effortlessly.
A dream to use on carpets: Electro
Do you mainly need to keep rugs and carpeted floors clean? If you do, then the Miele Electro is a particularly good choice. It is the Miele vacuum cleaner with the most powerful cleaning performance and is equipped with a special Electrobrush.
According to EN 60312-1According to EN 1822/2011 Figures as examples for showing the product benefit