Which freshness system would you like? 

Fresh food is the basis for wholesome, healthy living. Fruit and vegetables should be consumed as crisp and fresh as when purchased at the local market. But who has the time to buy fresh ingredients every day?Apart from the quality of the food at the point of purchase, the right storage conditions are also important. They determine how fresh, tasty and healthy food still is when preparing it for consumption. The solution: Miele’s freshness systems consisting of PerfectFresh Active, PerfectFresh Pro and DailyFresh. 
PerfectFresh Active
More freshness is not possible: active and visible humidification in the drawer is provided by a humidifier, thus preventing moisture from being extracted from the food. Even when the drawer is only partially filled, fruit and vegetables are optimally stored. In addition to the active humidification function, this freshness system offers an automatically controlled temperature zone between 0 and +3 °C. This ensures that meat, fish and many dairy products stay fresh for three times longer or up to five times longer in the case of fruit and vegetables.brFunction and aesthetic appeal combined – a genuine and instant eyecatcher! 
PerfectFresh Pro
Food stays fresh for up to five times longer. In the automatically controlled temperature range between 0 and +3 °C, meat, fish and many types of dairy products remain fresh for up to three times longer. Fruit and vegetables retain their freshness for up to five times longer – thanks to an individually adjustable humidity level on the drawer.  
The spacious drawers in the fridge offer space for a lot of fresh food. A good level of moisture is kept within the drawer. This means fruit and vegetables stay fresh for up to twice as long.Selected models have an ExtraCool drawer in which the temperature is lower than in the rest of the refrigerator, making it the ideal place to store meat, fish and dairy products.
Figures as examples for showing the product benefit