Shorter ironing times, longer enjoyment.

Effective crease removal
Do you think that rotary ironers are old fashioned and inconvenient? If this is the case, then you have never worked with a rotary ironer from Miele. It will not take long for the benefits to convince you otherwise. Ironing has never been faster or more convenient. You can save yourself a lot of work compared to using a conventional iron ... and up to 50% time. And you also don’t need to send your laundry out for ironing. Discover the Miele rotary ironers for relaxed laundry management.
Miele’s rotary ironers smooth out creases in a huge range of textiles and laundry items, and more quickly and conveniently than any steam iron. Depending on the item, you could spend 30 % to 50 % less time than when ironing by hand. This gives you more time for the nicer things in life!
Figures as examples for showing the product benefit