HBB 71 - Genuine Miele baking tray with PerfectClean finish.--NO_COLOR
  • with PerfectClean finish.--NO_COLOR

HBB 71
Genuine Miele baking tray with PerfectClean finish.

  • Fits into Flexi Clips or directly into side runners
    For use of several oven levels at the same time
  • Non-stick - no baking parchment or greasing required
  • Especially easy cleaning thanks to Perfect Clean finish


    The exclusive PerfectClean finish prevents food from sticking and makes cleaning much easier
  • For H 2000/6000/7000 and DGC 6000/7000 appliances
  •  Dimensions: 44.8 cm x 38.6 cm x 2.2 cm

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Price: AED 550.00*
* VAT inclusive

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*VAT inclusive