Maintenance & Service contracts

After-sales service

Regular checks by Miele's After-sales service help avoid faults in the appliances and the possible negative consequences for your work processes. Specially trained service technicians check the condition, functionality and safety of your appliances.

They are able to identify potential faults and worn parts before these cause a breakdown. Inspection, servicing and maintenance contribute to maintaining the value of the appliance and thus to securing your investment.

Maintenance & Services

Regular controls and preventative services increase operational safety and prevent unnecessary repairs. Ensure the regular professional care and maintenance of your appliances.

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Service contracts

Specially designed inspection, service and maintenance work increases the performance and service life of the Miele appliances.

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Validation and qualification

Specially trained medical technicians carry out procedural tests in accordance with the statutory requirements and norms, in order to guarantee maximum safety for your employees and patients.

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